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Small and Medium Business
Small and Medium Business Services

Small and medium business can achieve exceptional and profitable growth with strategic and operational planning. Going beyond day-to-day operations requires focus and understanding, something many first-time business owners often do not prioritize highly.

We understand that excelling above your competitors in satisfying client needs will appear to come first, and we work with business owners to plan future successes long before they appear on your sales or operational radars.

We work one-on-one and as a team to dig deeply into your existing business process and operational procedure to recommend areas of improvement, tactically where urgent and strategically to ensure future strategic success with a thorough understanding of the company’s unique positioning.

Five Stage Integrity-Driven Process

Stage One: Evaluation
  Initial business review and evaluation
  Comparative business structures
  Values audit and evaluation
  Competitive analysis
Stage Two: Positioning
  Communications strategy
  Marketing review, recommend, and reimplement
  Market positioning matrix
  Client lifetime value analysis
  Sales and sales process management
Stage Three: Resourses Allocation and Planning
  Revenue projection
  Revenue and resources allocation
Stage Four: Operational Planning
  Operational roadmap
  Asset analyses (people, processes, policy and procedure, IP, goodwill, goods / services, market awareness, capital,…)
Stage Five: Strategic Planning
  Strategic business planning governing HR, sales, marketing, finance, operations, and administration.
  Annual executive review

Working with leaders running non-profits, enterprise and start-ups, we advise for success with integrity.
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