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Operational Strategy

Are you asking enough of your operational strategy—the way you structure business operations and economics for competitive advantage?

Is your operations management strategy helping you execute on your overall corporate strategy? A robust operational strategy does more than provide strategic planning—it helps you achieve superior business results and a commanding lead in your marketplace.

Traditional functional definitions of operations led companies to focus solely on operational tactics—management processes, organizational structures, and implementation quality. Little attention was given to the overarching operational strategies that directly impact financial performance and guide day-to-day execution priorities.

Today, all that has changed. The big winners, industry after industry, have clear, well-defined operational strategies.

We offer a range of strategy services designed to create, execute, and enhance your operational strategy.

  Asset management strategy covering financial, physical, informational, human, and processes resources
  Change Management
  Operational organization design
  Operational strategy formulation and implementation
  Regulatory and compliance strategy
  Identification of the current operating model
  Identification and prioritization of options for change
  Representative stakeholder assessment of the current function
  Detailed recommendations to cover the new model for the function which will incorporate:
       Roles and responsibilities
       Centralizing / decentralizing shared services support
       Design of an appropriate programme ranging from individual workshops through to a full support service transformation programme

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