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Mission + Vision

Our focus on integrity
Integrity was founded to provide corporate guidance to large organizations in the areas of security, privacy, sustainability, and corporate governance. This meant that we worked within corporate silos, with a task-oriented focus. Since 2002, we’ve worked with managers and senior executives to establish good corporate policy and the supporting procedure.

Over the years, we found the most effective way to incorporate integrity throughout a business, from the operational lines through to coverage in the media, was to work with the values and mission of the organization, to work directly with the top executives establishing a clear and unified vision.

We’ve learned that running profitable and innovative business has everything to do with setting, communicating and achieving clearly stated goals.

We’ve moved beyond the silos. We work with senior executives and business owners, advising on improved performance for them and their teams beyond the silo, incorporating the tasks at hand within the bigger picture of success with integrity.

We achieve strategic success with our clients by providing guidance in the short run and visionary planning for long-term results.

Integrity Incorporated provides business advisory services to the highest corporate levels, raising profitability and efficiency while respecting your values.

Integrity is the sage pursuit of values and principles governing effective and growth-oriented action in business. Having business integrity is fostering those values; values now demanded by the marketplace.

Our values include ambition, honesty, compassion, success, truth, effectiveness, trust, and hope for a brighter future.

Our integrity is the sage pursuit of your values governing the strategic success of your business.

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