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On Integrity and Success

Our views on integrity and success were featured by Michael McCleary, Beacon Media, in discussion with Carolyn L Burke for Anything But Ordinary, a documentary and TV pilot. Here are highlights:

Each topic is available in keynote, workshop, panel, and presentation format, and can be customized to fit your industry and organization. If you wish to arrange a speaking engagement with Integrity, please complete our Request to Speak form or contact us.

Integrity in Business Do your organizational values shine? They should. For example, the manner with which customer service representatives speak to your customers should as clearly reflect your values as your Annual Reports do. Corporate policy should reflect these values. Your leadership should live and work by them. Do they?
This 45 minute inspirational keynote highlights the skills and practices needed to fully ensure every stakeholder holds and work with integrity.

Future Trends in Technology What do we expect from our technology in the next 5 years, in 10 years, in 20?
This 45 minute inspirational keynote highlights emerging and revolutionary technologies, filled with facts, examples, and projections.

IT Careers for Women Carolyn Burke entered the IT field in 1993, when she founded her first IT company and managed its growth during, through and after the dot-com era. Carolyn speaks from personal experience in the industry, emphasizing the opportunities for young women in this still growing field.
Speak to us about pro bono availability for educational institutions and student conferences.

Security, Privacy and Compliance Over the last ten years, we've seen the emergence of numerous legislated standards designed to govern financial behavour and privacy protection. How do these standards effect your organization, and what can you expect tomorrow?
This 1 - 2 hour keynote can be customized for your industry.

Integrity to speak at editors' conference on running business profitably.
Words with Integrity offers professional editing, copy writing, and technical writing services.
Carolyn L Burke featured entrepreneur in BusinessWeek, February 2008
Corporate leaders require a fully integregrated understanding of their business situtation and how t
Government of Ontario looks for integrity in IT
India-based leader in business intelligence invites Integrity to chair partner conference.

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