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Integrity helps companies find both tested and innovative methods to achieve strategic advantage.
As a leader, you require a fully integregrated understanding of your organizational situtation and how this meshes with personal and professional goals and principles. Having integrity requires more than reviewing annual compliance audit reports or establishing strong and respected policies. These days, having integrity moves beyond the balance sheet into corporate social responsibility programs, greening transitions, or sustainability programs and into integrity-driven management.
We work with executives and owners to establish long term goals and the plans to drive towards these profitably and with integrity. We offer insights to transform the way your company operates. We live and breathe your business, your operations, your plans. We dig beyond the obvious, exposing inefficiency and fostering profitable growth. We provide the strategic guidance required for industry leadership in a time of transparent business values. We hold ourselves accountable for your success, so expect us to say what needs to be said. We continually challenge conventional thinking, point out potential blind spots, and define bold operational strategies.
With Integrity.
Our focus is integrity, working within your values, principles, and corporate vision to achieve strategic advantage.

What We Offer:
Executive and board-level business advisory services
Best-practices and methods in operational excellence, change management, assets management and in communications to meet future challenges head-on
Extensive hands-on experience in improvement in governance, finance, infrastructure, HR, marketing, sales, and management
Blue-chip references and effective long term strategic guidance
Integrity to speak at editors' conference on running business profitably.
Words with Integrity offers professional editing, copy writing, and technical writing services.
Carolyn L Burke featured entrepreneur in BusinessWeek, February 2008
Corporate leaders require a fully integregrated understanding of their business situtation and how t


Working with leaders running non-profits, enterprise and start-ups, we advise for success with integrity.
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